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The speech also showed the teeth in Vietnam?

The speech also showed the teeth in Vietnam?  ,white and bright, you should take good care of your teeth. Proper brushing is the answer to the question of how the teeth get yellowish. This is the secret to keep your teeth shiny. Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Using dental floss instead of toothpicks will help you to remove the leftovers, plaque build up on the teeth.  The second solution is the easiest solution that is to limit the use of beverages with stimulants, fizzy or food coloring. Strengthen eating foods with malic acid such as strawberries, apples, … help remove, prevent the formation of plaque on the surface of teeth, help natural teeth whitening. Customers will get the teeth with natural white, in addition to the glossy brightness after only 60 minutes, do not cause enamel wear, do not cause tooth sensitivity and dispel the worry of why teeth. Yellow and how to whiten teeth yellow.

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Is Scapular Implants Transplanted? Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Can the implant bone be implanted? We would like to confirm that, when you have bone removed implant implants ARE. However, before inserting the implant into the jawbone, you are required to go through a very IMPORTANT step, which is the JUMPING.

The implant head can stand on the jaw because of bone and gum tissue support and fixed around. Therefore, if the jaw bone is deflated, the gum tissue is missing, then implant surgery will fail.

This will lead to the implant teeth are shaken and lost after a period of use. In addition, in some special cases, because the jaw bone is too thin, implant surgery can break the bone, causing the face to deform.

Therefore, to overcome this condition, doctors have to perform bone graft surgery before implants implant. Bone grafting is a very complex dental procedure that aims to restore the dented, missing jaw bone. At the end of treatment, bone tissue at the site of tooth loss will be restored in length, width and height.


Here are some of the advantages of implant dentistry, which you can find in other methods of growing dentures (such as porcelain bridges, dentures, etc.). Watch now to understand more about this method.

Implant implants are the only method that can restore both the crown and the missing tooth. As a result, the effective removal of the jaw bone is prevented. nha khoa ident

Implant teeth have the same shape, size and color as the natural teeth. Therefore, after the prosthesis, people cannot recognize it as a denture, ensuring the most complete aesthetic.

Implanted dental implants are larger than real teeth, very firm and durable. Therefore, you can comfortably eat the dishes that you like without fear of harm to the teeth.

The material used to implant the implant is very benign, not toxic, allergenic, not oxidized in the oral environment … So, very safe with the health of the body, you can completely don’t worry.

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