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the low center back standard teeth in Vietnam?

the low center back standard teeth in Vietnam?, treated promptly. However, if left untreated and quickly treated, it can lead to many other serious complications. Abscesses on the palate or oral cavity, if severe, can lead to obstructive airway obstruction, asphyxiation leading to death. There is a case where bacteria from an abscess pass through the blood vessels to the heart, causing infection and life-threatening illness or passing blood vessels to the brain, causing a brain infection leading to coma. How to treat tooth abscess? Based on the results of the examination, the dentist will perform on-site treatment or systemic treatment to achieve the best results. Treatment in place: means to handle on the spot pain Remove pus if the latex bag is likely to break Sensitive to cold food patients or the idea that they have sensitive teeth.

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Causes of cracks usually fall into two cases: Saigon Vietnam dental implants

+ There is no strong impact on the teeth, but you still see signs of fracture indicates that you are suffering from severe calcium deficiency. This condition is initially only minor cracks that gradually widen causing the tooth to crack quickly, even if it is just a slight force.

+ In the case of cracked teeth caused by external forces: accident, grinding teeth, using open teeth hard objects, chewing force too large bite.

In short, if cracking is caused by any cause, when detecting cracked teeth we should also quickly overcome to avoid more severe cases.

Normally with cracks there are two treatments: aesthetic fillings and porcelain crowns.

+ For the case of cracked teeth aesthetic filling solution is effective way to overcome this. The doctor will use a specialized dental material for fillings then apply to the place to be filled and reshape for the most aesthetic teeth, then use the light for the adhesive material to be attached. Real teeth, creating long lasting durability.

But the material used to fill teeth is easy to stick to the color after a period of time will stain yellow, loss of aesthetics. In addition, the adhesion of the material used to fill teeth is not high, it is easy to peel chewing when eating so the deep and large cracks here are said to be ineffective.

+ The method of porcelain crowns for cracked teeth: When the crack is too large cannot make fillings, porcelain crowns are the best solution now. With this method, the doctor will grind the cracked teeth and then attach a layer of porcelain firmly, with colors similar to real teeth, porcelain teeth to ensure the function of ruminating to bring aesthetics highest.

Porcelain crowns are a long-lasting method of taking good care of your teeth and are not easy to peel off. New dental porcelain will cover the crack of the real teeth, help protect the real teeth do not affect the teeth inside because the porcelain layer outside the sure. This is the method recommended by experts to ensure long-term durability. vietnam dentist prices

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