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football betting on the Internet  teeth in Vietnam, over a period of about 60 years has shown that about one-third of all children surveyed when children with dental hypertension had a high risk of heart disease. compared to normal children. It can be seen that cardiovascular disease can be fatal in relation to the symptoms associated with tooth loss in adolescence, so that the protection of the teeth from a young age. is very important and not redundant at all. If a child’s dental hygiene care them thoroughly as well as periodical dental examination, it will be easy to detect the smallest germs so that timely treatment to avoid them to evolve and harm teeth gums. as well as the body from now until later. Method 3: Using fringed rhinoceros and flowers At present, cases of loose teeth due to bone loss need to take measures to replenish the missing bone, combining dental treatment (if any) to clean the root area, not allowing bacteria to continue to attack root.

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In addition, fluoridated teeth are also common. Fluoride is more in toothpaste, milk, water, … because they are effective against tooth decay. However, pregnant women and children use too much fluoride, teeth are easy to change as with Tetracycline. Teeth will appear brown, opaque or defective. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Whitening Teeth with Tetracycline

To help people whiten their teeth with bright white teeth, smile confidently and smile, I-DENT will share all the way to whiten teeth when infected with Tetracycline from simple home for light, How to overcome long-term effects in severe cases. Please invite everyone to follow soon.

  1. a) Whitening of lightweight Tetracycline teeth at home

Strawberries combine with baking soda

Strawberries are known to be sweet, sour, sweet and healthy, but besides, this ingredient is also used in combination with baking soda to produce a cream-like mixture. Toothpaste can help you whiten your teeth at home. It is simple and effective for mild tetracyclines.

Mix the following: 1 crushed strawberries mix well with ½ teaspoon baking soda. Every morning you can use this mixture to brush your teeth instead of toothpaste. Malic acid in the composition of the strawberry combined with bleach in the baking soda will help to “clean” the plaque on the teeth and make the teeth look whiter brighter.

– Whitening with natural lemon juice

It is well known that lemons contain high levels of bactericide and good bleaching ability. Therefore, they can help you whiten your teeth at home if you know how to use them properly.

Mix ½ teaspoon of lime juice with a little salt to make a mixture to gargle. The acids in lemon combined with salt will clean the teeth stained yellow, effectively.

Two methods at home Camphor shared above all help bleach for teeth with Tetracycline mild. They do not irritate, do not harm your enamel. You should apply these methods for a long time to see the effect is clear vietnam dentist prices

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