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have also expressed their teeth in Vietnam?

have also expressed their teeth in Vietnam?  ,Usually, the time of orthodontics for non-tooth extraction is about 18 months, in case of tooth extraction about 24 months. A normal bracelet from the date of wearing the bracelet to the complete chain completely take about 20 – 24 months. This time period is divided into landmarks including Arrange the teeth on the jaw about 2 – 6 months. Adjustment of the tooth axis takes about 3 – 6 months. Adjustment of the entire bite takes about 6-9 months. Maintaining the stability of the teeth takes about 6-9 months. Braces how long for each specific object? How long do braces with children? Nowadays, advanced orthodontic methods also help reduce the time and cost of braces to the lowest possible level but still bring efficiency and safety. When you have problems with deviated teeth, braces are the recommended treatment method as soon as possible.

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How to fix

If the condition is mild, less than half of the crown, the dentist may specify a filler, temporarily restore the shape of the teeth at the same time, support the chewing function and protect the enamel from the effects from outside. This way is light, safe, non-invasive, fast execution time and cheap cost. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

But if the number of broken teeth more than half of the tooth, welding method does not seem to bring high efficiency because it is easy to peel. In this case, porcelain crowns are the best solution. However, this method is required to grind teeth so it is not suitable for pregnant women, the invasive effect can cause adverse effects on the fetus. Accordingly, the physician will consider the necessary aesthetics and chewing to give temporary indications of temporary filling. Then, when the baby after birth, the new mother should think of wearing porcelain teeth.

In the case of broken teeth, only the root, the best way to restore the missing teeth is to grow the teeth. Currently, there are three most commonly used methods are removable jaw, porcelain bridges and implant implants. In particular, ceramic bridges and implant implants are two permanent teeth, giving the most durable. However, both ways work on the side teeth or jawbone, which is not good for mothers. In order to ensure adequate nutrition and nutrition for both mother and baby without harm, the dentist usually appoints a temporary denture replacement during pregnancy, waiting until delivery is complete vietnam dentist prices

Need to find a reputable dentist to see if you have a broken tooth during pregnancy

To get the right advice, get the right advice from the dentist, you should look for the reputable dentists, quality doctors, mind-oriented, avoid for profit that offers treatments for fracture High cost without unnecessary. nha khoa ident

I-DENT dentistry is the first center in Vietnam to develop in accordance with the French standard, not only advanced facilities, modern technology but also a team of doctors with mind, enthusiastic, consulting and consulting patients with the correct disease, the right method. nha khoa trồng răng implant

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