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According to my observation teeth in Vietnam?

According to my observation teeth in Vietnam?  ,teeth do not swing or permanent teeth have grown out, jar out of the jaw is forced to intervene to extract the teeth in the dentist good doctor. Initially, the child will be examined by a doctor, X-ray of the teeth to see how the permanent teeth under the jaw and to draw out a plan for extracting milk specific milk. According to the doctors, children from 18 months can perform regular dental examinations. I-DENT dentistry, in particular, employs software that predicts child growth, meaning that through examinations, physicians will predict the growth and development of chewing gum through the X-ray of the hand. So the secret to cure is the most affordable. The majority of the scientific 4 Implants DiagramThe All-on-4 is used to replace an upper or lower denture that regularly carries one of the most imitated teeth that are supported by the four implant method.

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If you get it right, you can save the broken tooth and do not suffer for losing it.

Teeth have two parts, the chewing surface the smooth, smooth surface that we use to chew and the root which is sharp, with blood broken splashed.

When it is broken, first you need to pick it up immediately. When picking teeth, take two fingers to hold the body, chewing face of the teeth, avoid holding the root of the teeth to avoid further damage to the root. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

If you feel clean, do not get any dirt, you plug the tooth into the broken tooth root, plug the roots and immediately go to the dentist.

If contaminated with dust, soil, you get physiological saline or clean water gently, then re-plug into the root. Do not put your teeth in a normal glass of water, as the teeth that are in the filtered water for a long time can damage the important cells of the root canal, reducing the orthodontic potential. vietnam dentist prices

It is important to remember not to use soap, not rub, not to dry your teeth, not to wrap paper or scarf on broken teeth. Do not rinse your teeth under the tap because it can damage the root canal.

If for some reason you cannot attach the teeth to the root canal again, you also need to remember not to put the teeth out or pack more lum the teeth. At this point, you take a glass of milk without sugar or physiological saline to put the tooth into it. If you are an adult or young child cooperate well, should put the teeth in the mouth of the teeth, in the cheek. Do not put your teeth on the filtered water, as it can damage the important cells of the root canal, reducing the chances of replanting. nha khoa ident

After that, the owner and the broken tooth should go to the nearest hospital or clinic. If you plug your teeth into the fracture, still see a dentist for a checkup. If it is re-inserted within 30 minutes after the splash, the ability to retain this tooth is very high.

For baby teeth, should visit the dentist and consult a dentist. The reason for premature tooth loss can affect the development of permanent teeth and teeth. If you replant the wrong teeth, dentists can advise using the teeth to keep the teeth permanently in place, but not grow later.  nha khoa trồng răng implant

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